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VFW helping veterans on Maui recover from the wildfires

LAHAINA, Maui (KITV4)– Some veterans lost everything in the Maui wildfires and that’s why the Veterans of Foreign Wars is stepping in to help them on the road to recovery.

The VFW has been on Maui this week helping veterans by giving them food, medical supplies, baby good, and money.

Not only have veterans been helped physically, but also emotionally.

Which is something veteran, Nick Grant appreciates after he lost everything in the fires.

“The one thing I’ve learned and appreciated from the fires is the community, not just the veteran community but the community in Hawaii. It has changed my view” shares Grant.

He says after he got back from serving overseas he suffered alone because he was afraid to ask for help. The fires triggered negative feelings, including PTSD, which is more common among veterans than civilians.

Grant says this time around he knows how to better manage them.

“Getting back from first deployment I struggled because of that, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice.”

Grant served in the military for 24 years. He says many veterans can be hesitant to lean on others for support, but says they shouldn’t be.

“You can’t be prepared for something like this and to think you will be is arrogant to think be honest.”

VFW is helping veterans file claims and find their military documents-something many lost in the fires. Thousands of dollars has also been distributed to families.

“They’re blown away, blown away the response they didn’t expect what they got from us which was I mean give this guy a check and makes us feel good” shares the State Commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars, Ron Schaedel.


Full Story: KITV September 27, 2023

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